Twin Lakes - Blacksmith Creek

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Blacksmith Creek East Fork
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Fri, 01/25/2019 - 12:00
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Snowpit Observations
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Another lovely day in the Sierra with calm winds and abundant sunshine.  I went on a sightseeing mission from Twin Lakes up Blacksmith Creek.  All slopes below 9k with any prolonged sun exposure are sporting a crust.  N/NE aspects are holding dry snow all the way to the valley floor (7200') with sufficient coverage for an enjoyable entry/exit.  

Traveling solo I ran into some steeper terrain (near 35 degrees) so it seemed like a good time for a snowpit.  No buried surface hoar in this location however the pack has weak structure near the ground.  An ECT propagated with a sudden collapse but showed poor planar quality, with the column remaining in place post collapse.  Interestingly there was no crust/facet sandwich here as I've become accustomed to seeing at this interface in other locations.  The facets near the ground were damp and beginning to round. 

Photo 1: Large avalanche in upper Blacksmith that I'm guessing took place during the Sunday/Monday storm (NE aspect).  It's reassuring that no avalanches from this storm cycle have been observed stepping down deeper in the snowpack.  

Photo 2: Sunday/Monday avalanche activity on E aspect

Photo 3: Loose-wet on E aspect


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Light winds on ridgetops.  No snow transport observed.