Sawmill Ridge

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Sawmill Ridge
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Fri, 02/04/2022 - 16:00
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Observation made by: Avalanche Specialist
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Today I went into the Sawmill Ridge area and toured mainly on northeast through southeast aspects.  My objective was to see how surfaces on solar aspects were softening and to monitor the faceting process in more shaded locations.  The approach on solar aspects at lower elevations was almost completely melted out, so this resulted in navigating around these locations.  Once I wrapped around onto a more east-facing aspect, I found better skinning (and riding) conditions but also a lot of weak, sugary snow at the surface.  I dug a quick pit on a Northeast aspect at approximately 7700 ft and found a shallow snowpack (Height of snow of 70 cm), but a right side up structure with the top 30 cm being the weakest snow.  This won’t be a problem until we start getting more precipitation again, but the distribution of this weak snow is worth noting for the future.  At my transition point at 1230 pm, I noted solar aspects at mid-elevations started to get moist.  Despite not receiving any precipitation in over a month, fun riding conditions can still be found in sheltered trees or on solar aspects if you time it right.

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