Recent US Avalanche Fatalities

We mentioned this in our previous Snowpack Summary, but it is worth mentioning again. Last week, 15 fatalities occurred nationwide from avalanches. That is the most fatalities in a single week since 1910 when the Wellington avalanche disaster in Washington killed 96 people. This news is heartbreaking to all of us and the impacts are being felt throughout the backcountry community. We send our condolences to the friends and families impacted by these tragic events. 

It is worth remembering that each individual was seeking a fun day in the backcountry just as you or I have. Each individual had a family, friends, and ski partners that now feel a void. You may feel the urge to dismiss these tragedies as something that won’t happen to you. Instead, we urge you to read the accident reports and learn from these incidents. We all make mistakes and can try our best to learn to prevent them. Dangerous avalanche conditions are present across the US and whether you’re recreating around Bridgeport or elsewhere, remember returning home is always the number 1 priority.