Sonora Pass

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Sardine Can Wall
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Fri, 12/17/2021 - 13:00
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Observation made by: Avalanche Specialist
Snowpit Observations
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Our snowpack structure is far from perfect. We found 30 cm's of facets at the bottom of the snowpack.  We found 120 cm's of wind-pressed snow sitting on top of these basal facets. We dug our pit at 9800 on a NW aspect on a 25 degree slope.  The snow depth in this area varied considerably and we probed a few pillows coming with a depth of 245cm. 

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Today we toured into the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area. This was our first day traveling deep into the zone since the storm had left the region.   We wanted to see how much snow had been deposited near and above the treeline and found a consistent depth of 4ft on north-facing terrain in the trees.  Looking across the BWRA at windward slopes, it was clear that the wind had completely stripped the snow away with many patches of bare ground on southerly and westerly aspects.

Looking around the terrain we observed several crown lines in the Alpine and Treeline. (see photos) These slides went naturally during the storm and fresh snow had been blown over the recently deposited debris.  

We were impressed by how much change had occurred in one storm event. The BWRA opens tomorrow to motorized users and we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable opening day.

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Windless and sunny skies throughout the day.