Lower Leavitt Lake Road - Large Wet Slab Avalanches

Location Name: 
Lower Leavitt Lake Road Avalanche
Date and time of avalanche (best estimate if unknown): 
Mon, 01/09/2017 - 17:00
Location Map: 

Red Flags: 
Recent avalanche activity
Whumphing noises, shooting cracks, or collapsing
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Obvious avalanche path
Terrain Trap

Observation made by: Avalanche Specialist
Avalanche Observations
Trigger type: 
Weak Layer: 
Old Snow
Above Treeline
9 500ft.
Bed Surface: 
Avalanche Length: 
2 000ft.
Number of similar avalanches: 
Did the avalanche hit a building, vehicle, or structure?: 
More detailed information about the avalanche: 

Yesterday we skinned part way up Leavitt Lake Road and came across another huge debris pile from a wet slab avalanche.  This slide ran next to the previous large wet slab avalanche that Ryan observed on Monday and likely released sometime Monday evening as Ryan did not see this debris pile when he was up there Monday afternoon.  Heavy rain on snow in the starting zone high above the road on Sunday likely led to the release.  The slide ran an estimated 1300 ft vertical from a starting zone elevation of 9700' and stopped only 20 ft above the snowmobile road, see photo of approximate locations of the avalanches.  The debris pile is estimated to be about 20-30 ft deep in places.  Getting caught in this type of avalanche would certainly be unsurvivable.  

Avalanche Photos: