Sonora Pass Conditions Report

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Blue Canyon/Leavitt Peak
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Sat, 11/20/2021 - 11:00
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We heard that Sonora Pass had reopened so we went down on Saturday morning to see what we could find.  We started with skins on at the bottom of Blue Canyon at about 8800 ft, and after crossing the creek, were able to essentially skin fromt he car.   The protected snow at the bottom of the canyon on polar aspects below about 9500ft or so was about 30cm of well developed facets capped by a breakable 2cm MF crust.  Above 9500ft,  the snow surface was much more wind affected, and ran the gammut from MF and WAA crusts, dense windboard, and soft wind blown grains.  In the upper shady couloirs between 10,000 and 11,500ft, we found dense, spongy wind packed snow, with a right side up feeling and and no hollow slab structure.  No real signs of instability except for some evidence of old loose wet snow.  The impressively faceted snow on the protected polars may present a problem in the future as it seems like there is enough coverage to create a connected persistent weak layer.

Overall, coverage and snow quality exceeded our expectations and we were able to ski back to the car.

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