Virgina Lakes

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Virginia Lakes-Dunderberg
Other Area
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Sun, 03/27/2022 - 16:00
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Yesterday,  a delayed softening due to cloud cover left us with firm ski conditions during the morning hours.  At about noon the clouds dissipated and the corn snow soon followed on solar aspects.  Solar aspects were the only aspects that held soft snow during the afternoon hours.  East and North aspects remained firm with rough surfaces due to strong NE wind events throughout the winter.  By the late afternoon the snow became manky below treeline, with boot penetration exceeding my knees.  

Today, we traveled in similar terrain on similar aspects ( E-SE) and found firm snow in exposed terrain.  The SW winds were in the strong category at ridgetop and left most solar aspects firm throughout the early afternoon hours.  Some good spring snow was found in sheltered areas from the wind on solar aspects.  

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