Ski Lake Wet Snow

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Ski Lake
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Sun, 03/28/2021 - 13:00
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Rapid warming

Observation made by: Avalanche Specialist
Snowpit Observations
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Today we snowmobiled up to Ski Lake in the Leavitt Creek Drainage. The weather was gorgeous with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and a light to moderate SW breeze at ridge top. Snow surfaces all around the compass rose heated up in the sun today. Only above tree line northerly aspects remained dry, but even some of those had a small amount of moist snow at the surface. We observed natural rollerball activity from yesterday on most aspects and elevations other than high northerlies. We observed one D1 loose wet avalanche out of one of the east facing couloirs above Leavitt Lake that most likely occurred yesterday as well. We toured up and down a near treee line SW aspect above Ski Lake in the early afternoon today. The snow surface was wet down a couple of inches, but was still transitional with dry snow underneath in spots. Some more southerly aspects were thinner and with an isothermal snowpack. Skiing down a steeper roll we were able to intentionally trigger some rollerballs that grew a little but weren't particularly concerning. I suspect that on a steeper, more southerly aspect, loose wet avalanches could have been a hazard, especially in confined terrain. 

We also observed a signifcant D2 wind slab on a N aspect above tree line below the Leavitt Lake Cliffs. We don't know exactly when it occurred, possibly during the 3/19 storm or a more recent wind loading event but it is at least several days old. 

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