New snow and warming temperatures at V-Lakes

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Virginia Lakes
Other Area
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Sun, 04/17/2022 - 16:00
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Red Flags: 
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Rapid warming

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Snowpit Observations
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I started my tour at 0800 at Virginia Lakes and here is what I found…

  • 7-9 in of new snow from yesterday.  This new snow appeared to have bonded well to the new/old snow interface.
  • Moderate west winds were present at the start of my tour with some transport observed near ridge-top, but winds died down and became calm by mid-morning.
  • Wind slabs were generally shallow in nature and appeared stubborn, even under ridges at upper elevations, where I observed 30 cm of wind drifted snow.  Multiple hand pits showed the top 5 cm of new snow showing slab-like characteristics in these specific areas.   I did observe some isolated cracking throughout my tour.
  • Rapid warming occurred mid-morning.  I observed rollerballs below cliffs on solar aspects above Virginia Lakes and on the south side of Dunderberg Peak.  The new snow became “gloppy” under-ski around this time at lower elevations.
  • Overall, I found great skiing and riding conditions and generally found the new snow bonding well to the old snow interface.  The wind slab avalanche problem sensitivity will be worth monitoring if you’re traveling into complex terrain in the next days. Wet snow instabilities were on my mind by mid-morning.  After today, any new snow that received solar input will likely have a sun crust at the surface.
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Shallow wind slabs
Isolated cracking, specifically near ridge-top
Wind affected snow BTL
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