Surface hoar near Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks north face
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Thu, 01/31/2019 - 14:00
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On 1/31/19 toured up Horse Creek to Twin Peaks. Once I popped over the little ridge/col onto the aprons of Twin Peaks' north facing couloirs I noticed surface hoar covering all the aprons. These aprons don't seem to get any sun. It was pretty wide spread across the Twin Peak couloir zone from the bottom of the apron up into the bottom of the chutes. Up in the chute I climbed it was not evident. It was also NOT evident and the base of the north facing Horse Cr. Peak couloirs I skinned up into. Seems like a localized event but could be a concern with the new snow load coming in.  Sorry I didn't take any better pictures, but you can see it pretty clearly. 

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