2022-year of the hardpack

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Virginia Lakes
Other Area
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Wed, 01/05/2022 - 13:00
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Snowpit Observations
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We went into V Lakes to see how some different aspects looked after the recent sun and wind. We hoped the winds died down--they didn't. The ridge on Dunderberg was blowing steady 50+ and not much snow remained. We hoped the sun maybe softened the SE Face of Dunderberg--it didn't. We ended up side slipping 1500' of firm windboard from the ridge back down. We poked into the trees hoping that maybe the sheltered terrain fared better, but found a breakable crust in there. The wind was steady out of the N and the N aspects had obvious signs of wind lips as well.  The ridge was almost barren or so firm that crampons sure would've been helpful!  While it was warm at the lakes, the wind seemed to keep things cool enough to stay firm. On the bright side there were no signs of instability anywhere in the zone! For now, we just hope for another dump of snow and the winds to die down eventually! 

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