Twin Lakes - Little Slide Canyon

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Kettle Peak
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Wed, 01/23/2019 - 13:00
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Snowpit Observations
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Headed up Little Slide Canyon with a tentative plan to ski one one of the runs framing the Hulk but backed off due to thin coverage/exposed talus on the apron.  There's consistent snow coverage from Mono Village making for an enjoyable approach.  2in HST at the trailhead with approximately 7in settled HST at the mouth of Little Slide Canyon.  

Widespread wind damage was noted in most terrain at and above treeline however lee, shady aspects were holding mostly settled powder with some patchy wind board and wind-compacted surface snow.  Intermittent hand pits showed new snow from Sunday's storm bonding well with the previous snow surface.  We experienced only very minor cracking in wind slabs and wind-compacted surface snow warranting little concern.

Pole probes below 8K wouldn't penetrate the stout temperature crust from our wet precip event last week (1/16).  Numerous pole probes from 8-11K did not display any hardness decrease below the slab comprising our last three major snowfall events.  To me this means any weak snow from 2018 in this location is greater than 100cm deep in most places, and/or gaining strength quickly.  

We saw evidence of a significant avalanche cycle from the 1/16-1/18 storm cycle.  A few mid-storm slabs were noted from Sunday night's event as well.  We observed little/no signs of instability in the terrain sampled today.  Most slopes SE-W all elevations as well as all terrain below about 8K will be sporting a temp crust tomorrow.  

Photo 1: Coverage below the hulk

Photo 2: Deep debris (20ft.+) from Jan 16-18 storm cycle

Photo 3: Storm slab from Sunday night event

Photo 4: Loose wet activity on solar aspects  

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Sustained N winds above 10K throughout the day prompting minor wind transport in exposed terrain.  Winds were shifting around the compass lower in the drainage with a period of S winds noted late morning.