Virginia Lakes, January 26 2022

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East facing slope off Green Creek Rd
Other Area
Date and time of observation: 
Wed, 01/26/2022 - 12:09
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Observation made by: Avalanche Specialist
Snowpit Observations
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We rode up the Virgina Lakes Rd and traveled east to look at snow conditions on an east aspect.  The Virginia Lks Road is well traveled and the firm conditions did not soften today.

The snowpack on a low angle east facing slope was a meter deep and faceted from the surface to the bottom of the snowpack. 1-3 mm surface hoar had formed on top of a 1-2 cm wind crust with a soft layer of small facets under the crust.  A second wind layer about 10 below the surface also had a soft  layer of facets below. Most of the snowpack was firm faceted snow. There was no basal depth hoar observed. 

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