THIS SNOWPACK SUMMARY EXPIRED ON February 11, 2018 @ 7:30 am
Snowpack Summary published on February 9, 2018 @ 7:30 am
Issued by Ryan Lewthwaite -

bottom line:

A normal caution will prevail in the BWRA. Spring conditions are here a lot earlier than usual & may cause us to close soon. Snow is leaving the alpine at an alarming rate without a suitable refresh forecasted. Bare surfaces & objetcs are emerging, especially roads. A snow depth of less than 40cm (15") is out there, but is not uniform. Stay tuned for details. 

Avalanche Character 1: Normal Caution
Generally safe avalanche conditions. Watch for unstable snow on isolated terrain features. Use normal caution when travelling in the backcountry.

There is strength within the snowpack but isolated instabilities still exist. The sun is very intense lately, melting the snow surface & penetrating over 10cm into the pack. Cornices will become weak in the afternoon warmth. You may find cold dry snow on north aspects undergoing metamorphism. Ice, bare ground & packed surface snow makes snowmobiling difficult for both body & sled.

Snowpack Discussion

In Voodoo Bowl on a North aspect below treeline, isolated dry snow exists. Surface hoar & facet/ crust combos were observed. Tests were showing stable results with possible failures at the bottom of a strong melt crust interface 39cm (15") deep with hard force. Crusts are facetting out, or softening due to vapor exchanges within the snowpack. 2mm rounding facet grains make up the predominant layers.

recent observations

Thin snow coverage dominates the BWRA. Roads & south aspects are bare. Isolated North slopes are holding the most snow, see Voodoo Bowl Obs

CURRENT CONDITIONS Weather observations from Sonora Pass
0600 temperature: 36 deg. F.
Max. temperature in the last 24 hours: 56 deg. F.
Average wind direction during the last 24 hours: southwest
Average wind speed during the last 24 hours: mph
Maximum wind gust in the last 24 hours: mph
New snowfall in the last 24 hours: 0 inches
Total snow depth: 19 inches

Today will be warm & dry. Tomorrow a weak cold front moves into our area with colder temperatures & wind. Gusts on high ridgelines could reach 65 mph Saturday. We may see increased clouds & a very small chance for precipitation at the start of the work-week. 

Two-Day Mountain Weather Forecast Produced in partnership with the Reno NWS
For 8000 ft. to 10000 ft.
  Friday Friday Night Saturday
Weather: Sunny Clear Sunny
Temperatures: 51 - 59 deg. F. 28 - 33 deg. F. 40 - 46 deg. F.
Wind direction: Light winds West West
Wind speed: Light winds; gusts to 20 mph later 10 to 15 mph; gusts to 30 mph late 10 to 15 mph; gusts to 30 mph increasing 20 to 30 mph; gusts to 50 mph later
Expected snowfall: 0 in. 0 in. 0 in.
For above 10000 ft.
  Friday Friday Night Saturday
Weather: Sunny Clear Sunny
Temperatures: 45 - 50 deg. F. 25 - 30 deg. F. 34 - 39 deg. F.
Wind direction: West West Northwest
Wind speed: 10 to 15 mph; gusts to 25 mph later 15 to 25 mph; gusts to 25 mph increasing to 45 mph late 25 to 35 mph; gusts to 65 mph
Expected snowfall: 0 in. 0 in. 0 in.

This snowpack summary applies only to backcountry areas in the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area. Click here for a map of the area. This snowpack summary describes general avalanche conditions and local variations always occur. This snowpack summary expires in 48 hours unless otherwise noted. The information in this snowpack summary is provided by the USDA Forest Service who is solely responsible for its content.